Keynoa Interactive Graphics Images

By the way of vibrations on their fingers or vibrations of a smartphone or tablet, Keynoa users explore interactively graphical representations inspired by images originally created for sighted people. 

Such graphical images called Keynoa Interactive Graphic Images (KIGIs) can be geographical maps, mathematical graphs, anatomy diagrams, atoms structures, or any relevant graphical representation in a digital format supporting their education, knowledge acquisition, and access to information. 

Libraries of KIGIs, which support education from primary school to university, either already exist or can be created by teachers and pedagogues using the Keynoa KIGIs Preparation App. This user-friendly mobile application is specifically designed to generate KIGIs based on selected graphical representation images.

Using this application that can be downloaded form Play Store., with little effort and limited prior knowledge, any image can be converted to a KIGI and therefore it can be seen with the fingertips and thus understood by blind people.

Map of Austria

(Following is a Keynoa Interactive Graphics Image showing a map of Austria illustrating its borders and it prominent rivers, cities, lakes and mountain peaks in different colors)

Basic Math Curves

(Following is a Keynoa Interactive Graphics Image showing basic mathematical curves plots illustrating a circle, an ellipse, a parabola and a hyperbola in different colors)

Human Heart

(Following is a Keynoa Interactive Graphics Image showing a human heart diagram showing the main parts in different colors)

Honey Bee

(Following is a Keynoa Interactive Graphics Image showing a honey bee diagram showing main parts in different colors)